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Cool Room Repairs is something that most of the fridge owners face at least once.  Refrigeration repairs at Melbourne aren’t an exception to this. One day out of the blue you find that your ice creams have melted, milk spoilt and the fridge isn’t cool anymore. But before jumping to the conclusion of replacing your refrigerator, check for the troubleshoots. Chill-Star is happy to assist the customers with Refrigerator repairs Melbourne. We are also happy to offer our service for the cool room repair Melbourne which is the main focus of this article. A checklist has been provided below in the form of a questionnaire before you call for cool room repair in Melbourne. Ensure that everything is proper by answering the below questions.

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Basic troubleshooting:

  1. Is your fridge plugged on?
  2. Is your thermostat placed properly? Is it in the focus of the fridge or turned away? This simple check can solve the problem of cool room repairs.
  3. Are the openings at the backside of the fridge window blocked? Are the stored container or boxes blocking the openings and preventing the cool air? Check and correct it to avoid refrigerator repairs.
  4. Are the coils that are behind the fridge clogged? Sometimes these coils might accumulate dust and dirt. If so it will stop the cooling of the air.
  5. Ensure that the condenser fan is clean and nothing is stuck on. This is the basic troubleshooting to deal with refrigerator repairs.

If the above guide doesn’t solve your problem, then it is likely that your fridge is facing some technical problems which require cool room repairs. You can contact us and our technical team would solve this issue of cool room repairs perfectly. This article states how our technical team would deal with the issue of refrigeration repairs.

  1. Evaporator fan:

If the compressor makes the sound as if it is running the issues is of the frost that might have clogged in the evaporator. The other possibility is of the evaporator fan being damaged. If you have heard a sound such as of chirp or a whistle before the cooling problem began, then the possibility is of the evaporator fan being damaged. This calls for refrigeration repairs or cool room repairs and we are always available in Melbourne.

Troubleshooting could be done by unplugging the fridge for 2 days. Water might leak in the duration and might leak on the floor. After two days if the fridge works, then the problem would be of the frost which got clogged calling for refrigeration repairs.

  1. Replacement of the Condensor Fan:

The panel behind the compressor is taken out. It would reveal the condenser fan. Check if the compressor would run to know if the problem is due to the damaged fan or compressor. If it is the fan which is at fault it can be replaced. Cool room repairs and all other types of various refrigeration repairs in Melbourne has to be dealt as fast as possible. This is due to the fact that Melbourne like other parts of Australia faces much weather changes.

  1. Installation of new fan:

The fan of the refrigerator might get damaged after a few years of use. Hence it has to be cleaned regularly to avoid refrigerator repairs. If the fan is damaged, it has to be replaced by professionals. Chill star is leading refrigerator repair service providers in Melbourne.

If you need assistance regarding cool room repairs or any other refrigeration repairs in Melbourne, we are just a click away! We will make sure that our Melbourne customers receive professional services as we know that Melbourne faces high temperature during summer.

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