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Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs Melbourne

Melbourne’s specialists in Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioner repairs are a common affair especially in commercial set up.  Air conditioners are something homes or commercials of Melbourne or Essendon can’t afford to live without. Especially the suburbs of Melbourne such as Tullamarine and Craigieburn are busy streets that don’t help in dealing with the summer heat. The summers of Australia are so hard to beat that any issues concerned with Air con repair have to be dealt with beforehand. We are happy to offer our service to the people of Melbourne and Essendon for purpose of air con repair or air conditioner repair. Even the suburbs such as Tullamarine and Craigieburn are served by us. Hence we offer our services at the center of air conditioner repair or air con repair Craigieburn homes or commercials,  air conditioner repair or Air con repair Tullamarine homes or commercials, air conditioner repair or Air con repair Essendon homes or commercials. This article explains a few troubleshooting techniques:

Reliable Air Con Installation & Repairs in Melbourne

  1. Check the filter: Many times an air conditioner will stop working when the filter is somewhat dirty. This might need air con repair. A dust filled filter will make it clogged. Airflow would be stopped as it can’t flow through the filter. Hence it will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. This is why you have to frequently clean the air conditioner and airflow the filter so as to remove the dust from the filter net. If you have central AC units and also have pets, it is optimum to change filters once I a month during the season you use the air conditioner. For homes or commercials of Melbourne or Essendon, our air conditioner technicians are always at your service of air con repair. Craigieburn and Tullamarine are the busy suburbs of Melbourne where working class live and might need timely repairs when air conditioners are not working.
  2. Warm airflow: The last thing you want during summers is to hot air to flow in. If hot or warm air is flowing in even after the windows are closed then you are in trouble! Usage of weather stripping could be done to increase the efficiency. The insulation panels that come along with the air conditioner also has to check. Melbourne and Essendon homes or commercials do not need to worry, because our technical team is always at your service of air con repair. Their suburbs such as Tullamarine and Craigieburn are also served by us.
  3. Wrong thermostat settings: Thermostats also come in automatic mode and programmable mode. It is necessary to identify the type of your thermometer. The details could be found in the user guide. Once you have analyzed the type of the thermometer, you have to ensure that the thermostat is programmed at a comfortable level. It is also optimized to take energy consumptions while calculating the thermostat temperature to avoid air con repair. For every one degree of increase in the temperature of the thermostat, three percent of the energy consumption would be saved. We are just a click away for the service of homes or commercials of Melbourne and Essendon. The working class suburbs such as Tullamarine and Craigieburn too get access to our services.
  4. Compressors: Where is the compressor of the air conditioner placed? Is it placed where there is too much crowding area? Plants can crow the compressor which might decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner repair by a great margin. Hence it is optimum to ensure that the airflow flows adequately into the compressor calling for air con repair. If you stay in Melbourne or Essendon our professional team is always at your service. Even the suburbs of Tullamarine and Craigieburn too receive our service. However, it is wise to always ensure that the compressor is placed in isolation where it has clear access to cold air.
  5. Annual servicing: Annual servicing is very essential to increase the lifetime of the air conditioner and prevent air conditioner repair. One small service checkup might save homes or commercials lots of money by avoiding air conditioner repairs. Hence our team of professional technicians can inspect the air conditioner repair problems and solve the problems while they are still at the starting stage. Our technicians also ensure that the refrigerant and the plugs are in good condition during air con repair. This will make sure of a comfortable experience to beat the hot summers of Melbourne or Essendon. Working place areas like Tullamarine, and Craigieburn where there are numerous homes or commercials could also take this tip.

However, Melbourne and Essendon air conditioners repairs could be treated by our professionalsEven the suburbs of Tullamarine and Craigieburn air con repair or Air conditioner repair should always be done by a professional team who use best of the practices.

Brands We Repair

We repair pretty much all the brands of ACs, heaters and refrigerators. Below are some of the popular ones listed.


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